Let’s start with an introduction

Dear future followers,
First of all I’d like to thank you for stopping by my blog, where I’d like to show you my outfits, other fashionrelated stuff and maybe some other things which I think you’re gonna like.
My name is Rowan, I live in the Netherlands, I’m 17 years old (I’ll turn 18 in may) and I’m hoping to graduate highschool this year. For all the Dutchies among you: ‘Ik zit in de examenklas van VWO’.
It’s pretty obvious that I like fashion. Besides that I love taking pictures, my familiy, my boyfriend and my cats. What a cliché.
I’m not gonna bore you with my annoying stories anymore, I only want to ask you to stop by every once in a while and tell me what you think of my blog!
Thanks already!
Lots of love,
Doesn’t Taylor Tomasi Hill look pretty?
She is the living example of the fact that red hair can be beautiful.