Birthday presents

You’ve waited long enough to see my birthday presents, but finally here they are!
The only things missing are the dress my boyfriend gave me, which you’ve already seen, and he also gave me socks, because he likes to steal mine (although his feet are a lot bigger).
I’m sorry for the bad setting of the pictures, our table in the garden, but I couldn’t really find a better place to take some quick pictures.

Lots of love,

My sister gave me the earcuffs I desperately wanted. They totally rock!
I’m hoping to post a picture of me wearing these tomorrow!

When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday I answered ‘a motor!cycle’ (I love motorcycles!)
Ofcourse that’s way too expensive, so he gave me this miniature.
Funny fact is that my boyfriend’s name’s Vincent.

A friend gave me this legging and these bracelets.
She’s such a sweetheart for comming to my birthday and give me presents,
since she lives in Amsterdam and I don’t see her that often.

My best friend gave me this pillow with a Dutch poem, which refers to our strong friendship.

Another present from my boyfriend. Since I like to wear his sweatpants, he decided to buy me a pair for my own.

Last but not least: A whole lot of money and giftcards!
I’m pretty spoiled :D