More graduation gifts!

Last night I had a blast! First of all my grades are amazing, second of all I got so much lovely presents! And of course I had a lot of fun!

Lots of love,

ps: tomorrow there will be an outfitpost!

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I received lots of beautiful flowers! 

My boyfriend gave me this bouquet, with a sweet card in it saying:
‘Darling, congratulations & I love you so much! Kisses your ‘knakje” (a strange nickname we gave each other)

Probably my greatest gift: The wonderful laptop my grandparents gave me!
Besides that my niece gave me a rosarie from Rome, my aunts and uncles gave me liquer, my sister gave me chocolate, my boyfriend gave me a plush animal and as I already told you my parents gave me a beautiful Guess watch. 

I didn’t receive these beauties for my graduation, but I bought them myself. I think I deserved them!