7forallmankind event




What are you looking at?
1. My dear friend, Halia, and me photographed by nsmbl
2. Anna from pchooftstraat.nl and me
3. 7forallamankind jeans
4. Halia and the chocolate fountain
5. People, cocktails and decoration
6. Decoration
7. The cocktailbar

Yesterday my dear friend, Halia, and me went all the way to Amsterdam to attend the 7forallmankind event, where Cindy from come over to the dark side we have candy invited me for. We drank the most delicious cocktails and met amazing people, among them Cindy herself, Anna and her friend Dirk Jan. 
A bit of a bumber was the fact that my Moschino belt broke right before we took the first picture, but Dirk Jan was able to repair it, so I am still waiting for some other photos to be published where you can see my complete outfit. So more photos are coming soon!

Lots of love,