Oriflame Order



Giordani Gold Adaptove Foundation (Light Ivory), Beauty Wonderlash Mascara, Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls (Exclusive Edition), Tender Care Vanilla (Protecting Balm)
Yay, my Oriflame order arrived! As you can see I ordered bronzing pearls, foundation, mascara and protecting balm. The latter is the product that made this brand famous. It helps with dry lips (I immidiately tested it) and it smells extremely good! I already tested the rest at the workshop hosted by my niece and an Oriflame adviser where I ordered all this, and I was amazed by the foundation. I usually never wear foundation since it always makes me look like I’m wearing a mask, but this one gave me such a natural look. The other reason why I never wore foundation before is because it tends to stimulate the production of spots, but according to my niece (who uses this product and has a difficult skin as well) this foundation doesn’t give you more spots at all! Well, that sounds like music to my ears! I’ll let you know whether it does or not on the long term.
Lots of love,