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This is my first ‘personal’ post, hope my life is interesting enough for you to watch!

What are you looking at?
1. Cupcakes/cornflakes my grandma made for Christmas. (She’s even featured in this picture)
2. Me in Groningen in front off the ferris wheel.
3. My very attractive boyfriend at our hotel room showing off his new suit, which he’s going to wear during NYE.
4. The bf and his favorite drink.
5. Sjonnie, my enormously cute cat.
6. Me and the bf making strange faces.
7. Christmastree decoration
8. My sister, Kayleigh from O’kayleigh, in the ferris wheel.
9. Foodporn.
10. My dad and the bf played chess.
11. My sister decorating her home made cake
12. The bf and I in our hotel room in The Hague. I’m wearing his shirt in this picture, and I’m thinking about wearing it regularly.

Lots of love,

In case I won’t post again before NYE, I wish you all a VERY HAPPY 2012! May all your wishes come true! Thank you all for reading my blog, I’m so thankful for that!