Saint Germain / Amsterdam





 As you might have seen on twitter, I was invited to come to the Mini-Pop-Up-Shop-In-Shop at Saint Germain last friday by Charlotte Kan. She showed five essential pieces of her Play&Pose collection, I especially loved the shirt skirt. Besides Charlotte’s masterpieces there was more to discover, amongst them Filles a Papa, Roparosa, Monday March and Marloes Blaas.I especially love that first brand, take a look at their leggings and you’ll understand why.

Lots of love,

What are you looking at?
1. A rack of clothes with multiple brands.
2. Love at first sight, this legging from Filles a Papa.
3. A very fun way to show necklaces.
4. Absolutely loved this necklace with the feather inside. It’s designed by the amazing Cristel Ball
5. Me talking to the lovely Charlotte Kan.
6. Another Filles a Papa legging.
7. This see through legging from Roparosa seemed kinda interesting to me.
8. Loved this grey jacket, it would totally fit my wardrobe.
9. Me drooling over the shirt skirt by Charlotte Kan.
10. Charlotte’s presents to me: a tote bag, her lookbook AND tickets to the official Amsterdam Fashion Week afterparty ‘Eat my Cake’ at Jimmy Woo.