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Is there something you’ve been dying to ask me? Or something that just popped in your head?
Well, here is your chance!

Some of my readers might know I once did an Q&A post before wherefrom the questions can be read at the the girl behind the blog page. But since my blog grew a lot since I’ve gained a lot more readers I thought there might be some new questions from my new (or old) readers. Besides that I changed a lot; for example my style, my picture quality and my interests. 
So don’t even hesitate to ask something that’s already on the the girl behind the blog page, because the answer might have changed. You can ask me anything! You want pictures of for example my favorite garments, make up, hang outs or food? Or even my boyfriend? JUST ASK! That’s no problem at all, since I’m thinking about making an online magazine with pictures as well. Everybody is allowed to ask anything they like!
You can post your questions on the comment thread or mail them to info@redreidinghood.com.
I’m very excited to hear what you’d like to know about me!
Lots of love,

Ps: There will be a new outfitpost with this outfit up on the blog very soon!