Snow patrol


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 Coat: Zara, Pants: Scapino, Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Bershka, Scarf: Scapino, Earcuff: Anni Jurgenson, Bracelet: H&M

As you can see I’m still living in some kind of winter wonderland, but the snow is already fading a bit. Let’s hope it won’t be snowing again this week, ’cause we might have an ‘elfestendtocht’ or ‘eleven cities tour’, Holland’s most famous (and rare) 200 kilometers long ice skating tour. The last one has been in 1997, so you can imagine I’m pretty excited, since I can’t even really remember the last one!

Anyway this is what I was wearing yesterday. I did cheat a little though, since I was wearing a whole suit of thermal clothing to keep me warm in this Siberian weather. Some of you asked me if I didn’t have cold ankles in the previous outfitpost, but I was cheating as well. I wore tights just like my skin color (just like now), so you didn’t even notice.

Lots of love,