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Dress the boyfriend

Something totally different than what you’re used to see on this blog: men’s clothing instead of women’s. I really love dressing the boyfriend and although he might not like my picks at first (do you remember his green lumber shirt, which I stole from him a couple of times.), I eventually always seem to convince him. Take the blue canvas boat shoes in the middle for example. He was watching while I was creating these sets and when  he saw these shoes at first, not combined yet, he hated them. He said: ‘Don’t you think I’ll ever wear those!’ But when I was done with that set he said: ‘Mmm.. I might actually wear those’. Yes, I am a very convincing girlfriend.
I’m not sure if I could convince him to wear these bags and if I actually want him to (might be a bit too much for a straight guy), but I couldn’t resist putting them in these sets. The bags really are the finishing touch, right?

What do you like your boyfriend to wear best?

Lots of love,

Ps: Curious where you can get some of the above items? Just click the collage and you will be redirected to this set on polyvore (where I created it) and you can exactly see where all of the items are from. Easy right?