Birthday Wishlist


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Clicking the collage will redirect you to Polyvore where you can see where you can buy all of the items above.

Since my birthday is coming up (may 7th), I thought it would be fun to post a wishlist. Not everything is affordable (like the Rick Owen’s maxi skirt and the Vlieger & Vandam guardian angel bag), but a girl can dream, right?
Anyway, the golden sandals, the leather sleeved safari jacket and the Ray Ban wayfarer are absolutely on top of my list. I just need these items in my life. So either they will be gifted (doubt that) or I’ll buy them myself with the money I expect to receive on my birthday.
I wouldn’t mind owning the other items too though. I really need a maxi skirt and this one is just perfect, but also extremely expensive. Maybe I should ask my grandma (she’ll probably even read this) if it’s possible to make such a skirt on my own with a little (or probably a lot) of her help.

I can’t wait!

Lots of love,