Instagram Diary


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The ones of you following me on twitter or facebook might already know that I’m on Instagram for quite a while now already and that I’m kinda addicted to it. So if you want to see more of my personal stuff, just follow @RedReidingHood on Instagram.

What are you looking at?
1. Me drinking homemade fresh mint tea with honey
2. Wearing my H&M floral pants
3. Delicious bread with salmon
4. My running shoes, I bet those are the most gorgeous shoes you’ve ever seen ;)
5. My favorite dish, which only my mom can make that tasty.
6. Silly (but funny) mini supermarket stuff which we can collect at Albert Heijn, our supermarket.
7. My boyfriend’s (way too long) red beard.
8. The bf and being silly with photobooth
9. I need these gorgeous sandals from Zara in my life!
10. My hand, my friend and A LOT of McDonalds food. Oops.
11. Easter breakfast. Nomnomnom
12. Mini timberlands, which the bf and I got for our newborn niece.
13. Tortilla crisps with cheese when the weather was still good.
14. My favorite coffee, Heavenly Hazal, at my favorite café, Douwe Egberts café (and my friend).
15. The most ugly photo ever made of me and my friend at a girl’s night out.
16. Most delicious chewing gum in the world!
17. Sitting in the car, while the bf’s driving.
18. My cute cat cuddling his teddy bear.

Lots of love,

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