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Ever dreamed of being a professional blogger? Well, I do!
Whatstrend, New Yorker’s blogger network, is looking for a new blogger, since Cindy from COTTDS is resigning. Although this is a great loss for the Whatstrend community, it also provides others with a great chance! That is to become Whatstrend’s Next Blogger.

Of course no one, myself included, could ever replace Cindy, but I would love to try to become nearly as valuable to the Whatstrend Network. The question to be answered is ‘Why should I become the next Whatstrend Blogger?’
Well, I think I would be a great addition to the network, since I’m different then the other bloggers that are still part of the network. I tend to wear a lot of ‘edgy’ items, like Cindy does (So you’ve still got a little bit of Cindy), but combined with more colors and styled in my very own way. Although my style differs from the other blogger’s, I literally fit right in. Have a look yourself in the photo underneath ;)

I’ve always wanted to share my looks and thoughts of fashion with a broader public and
 this will be the perfect way to kickstart this dream of mine. I’ve already written for PcHooftstraat.nl and am the face of Frenchonista’s Rowan clutch, wherefore I did my very first professional photoshoot last week. But I would love to take it a level higher, which Whatstrend could offer me. In return I could give Whatstrend tons and tons of fashion thoughts and pictures.
Do you wanna give it a shot to? Click here for the details!