Lady’s Secret Soles


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When I first heard of Lady’s Secret I was like ‘Okay, soles, nice. Like I’ve never seen those before’. Well, I didn’t. We all know the classic gel soles, right? They make walking on uncomfortable shoes so much easier. But Lady’s Secret claimed to be better than gel soles. I was a little scepitic about it first ‘Yeah right? Those tiny soles?’. Well, they really are! And they even are smaller, which makes it perfect to put in small sandals like these. All other soles would pull out.
But I’m even more excited about the heart shaped anti-slip soles. Since we cycle a lot in Holland, I’m always looking for solutions to make my shoes bike proof. Well, these sandals were so dangerous to cycle with before. But these soles make life so much easier! It really works, I won’t slip of my paddles anymore!

I got more versions of the Lady’s Secret soles as well, but didn’t test them yet. But I bet they will be just as great as these are!

Lots of love,

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