Random Fashion Inspo


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All images via Pinterest, find the sources in my ‘fashion inspiration’ board.

As you can see I’m kind of a big fan of the Olsen sisters and Emanuelle Alt. Their style is very close to mine. Like Ashley and MK I love oversized blouses. I’ve got a sick obsession for buying shirts. And like I don’t own enough myself yet, I also ‘borrow’ my boyfriend’s shirts a lot. What I like about Emanuelle Alt is her simple, yet eyecatching style. She knows that you don’t need much more if you’ve got one gorgeous item. She for instance combines eyecatching leather pants with a simple tee and blazer, but looks fenomonal.
The rest of the looks ofcourse also caught my eye, especially Kate Moss’s. She makes me crave for a pair of pink (yeah, really PINK) pants so badly!

Lots of love,