The perfect black leather bag


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Bag crushes

From left to right: Vlieger&Vandam, H&M, Marni, Zara, Céline

I’m still (since more than a year) am in the search for the perfect black leather bag. Ofcourse I desperately want the Céline luggage phantom bag, but that’s never ever going to happen. I love this one from Marni as well, but it’s still not in my reach and so does the extremely cool guardian angel tote from Vlieger&Vandam. The popular Zara shopper is a bag I can afford though and I love it. Only thing is that everybody seems to have this bag, which is kind of a bummer to me. The perforated one from H&M is very pretty as well, but it’s sold out. I waited to long, as I always do.
What do you think? Would you buy a bag that you really like, although everybody already seems to have it?
And do you have any other tips? I’m in a desperate search!
Lots of love,

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