Are you familiar with this webshop called Sans Online? I overheard the name every now and then, but never took the effort to check it out, untill last week and I’m glad I did! 
I found some great items in there, among them one of the most gorgeous black leather jackets I’ve ever seen (high on my wishlist!) and the perfect pair of sweatpants. Their fit is perfect, since they are baggy but no too much and skinny at the lower legs, and so is the color. I’m drooling over that pieces skirt as well, it’s so well to combine with blue (my fave color) and black and white (99 percent of my closet). Do you remember the blue shirt with the white collar I was wearing at the Frenchonista party? It’s my boyfriend’s, but the shirt displayed on the first picture above looks so much a like. Since I really think I need a shirt like that as well I’m thinking about ordering it. Something else I might order are the PU leather pants in the right. My twitter followers might already know that I’m looking for the perfect (fake) leather pants in a five pocket model. This one comes pretty close!
By the way, there’s a huge sale going on at Sans Online, make sure to check it out!
Lots of love,