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Photos by Sharon and me

Yesterday I visited the Wear For Love VIP Day in Amsterdam together with Sharon from Style Chameleon and my friend, Halia.
Wear For Love is a webshop selling some of my favorite brands like Frenchonista and Stylestalker. Furthermore they sell Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian, Erik&Emilia, Friis & Company, Jacky Luxury, La Mer Collections, LNA, mbyM, Mink Pink, One Teaspoon, Stylestalker, and Treasures.
I was pleasently suprised by Kim Kardashian’s Belle Noel. I didn’t expect to find jewelry that fit my style, but I did big time. The wishbone bracelet in the picture is from Belle Noel.
Another brand that really caught my eye was Erik&Emilia. I never heard of them before, but they seem to be great sunglasses designers.

Anyway, I had a blast together with fellow blogger Sharon and bestie Halia and I’m even more of a Stylestalker fan then I already was before!

Lots of love,
What are you looking at?
1. I love this shirt from StyleStalker, it totally fits my wardrobe
2. Frenchonista clutches, can you spot the Rowan clutch and shopper? Love the white one on the right by the way.
3. Samia, designer of Frenchonista, and me
4. Sharon and me
5. I absolutely love these pants. Think they are from StyleStalker.
6. These ‘Ribban’ sunnies by Erik&Emilia are beyond gorgeous, right?
7. Sharon and me trying to find out what was in that mysterious box.
8. Love this wishbone bracelet from Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian.
9. Enough to drink. I’m a big sucker for energy drinks, so I couldn’t resist these cute pink ones from she. The can says it only contains 10 kcal, not sure if that’s true though. Anyway, tastes delicious. You shouldn’t drink two right after each other though, since my tummy hurt like hell.