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Shirt: Vintage (Episode), Shorts: Vintage (Shorts), Heels: Zara, Bag: Zara, Ring: H&M, Bracelet: H&M, Woven bracelets: Local French market, Sunnies: Ray-Ban

So this is my very first outfit from my vacay in France. I’m standing in front of the famous bridge of Millau, which is really impressing. It’s so high and stretches from one mountain peak to an other mountain peak. We’ve seen this bridge from very high too (a bit too high actually), when we accidentaly drove a really small ‘route dangereux’ (dangerous route). When we went to Montpellier earlier this week, we also drove over this bridge, which was amazing as well.
Enough about the bridge and back to the outfit: I’m wearing this shirt a lot lately. It’s so comfy and edgy at the same time. As you might know I love (men’s) lumberjack shirts, so this shirt was the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It’s comfiness makes it also camping proof, when I absolutely don’t want to wear anything uncomfy. 
I’m so bummed by the fact that we’ve already got to leave this sunday. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? 
Lots of love,