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Welcome to my room. Let me introduce you to Red Reiding Hood’s workspace, closet and bedroom. All in one.

Yep, that’s right. Since I still live at my parent’s house I only have one room to manage my blog, store my clothes and sleep. To make this all possible in a nice and well-ordered way (read: not non-matching and messy furniture), I just gave my room a make over with lots of help from Ikea. Ikea, with their multifunctional furniture, truly is very appropriate for small rooms

I’ve always dreamt of a walk in closet and I think I kind of managed to have one (on a very small scale). I’ve bought an Expedit closet, the well-known roomdivider, from Ikea and used it as a wardrobe. I attached the matcing desk to it, which functions as my working space. From this place ‘Red Reiding Hood’ gets updated from time to time. It might sound a bit weird to sort of work from your wardrobe, but I think it’s very inspiring. If I experience some kind of writer’s block, I look around and I find inspiration.

My wardrobe is selected on colors; black, white (and all 50 shades of grey between them) and blue. These are the colors I wear the most and so I like looking at them. Ofcourse I do own some pieces in other colors, which are tidy put in the bins. These bins are by the way fully stuffed, so it looks like I own less clothes than I actually do. These three ‘primairy’ colors are also represented on my clothing rack. I’m so happy I bought this clothing rack. It keep my clothing from wrinkling and very accesible. My favorite items are on this clothing reck, among them my fishnet dress from ASOS en my baseball tee (which I’m holding on the photos). Some of my other favorites on this rack are my cowboy belt (I wear it almost every day), my leather jacket and my boyfriend fit blazer.

Underneath my tv, next to my clothing rack, you see a small and horizontal Expedit, in which I keep green- and brown shades. This is the place where my beloved army pants lay. In this piece of furniture you’ll also find some practical stuff, like my TV accesoires (mediaplayer etc.) and next to that my fleece plaids. I’m a big sucker for fleece plaids. They are great, I could wrap myself in them. I am a fleece plaid critcus though, since I don’t want the ‘sweaty’ ones to enter my room.

Ofocure I own, besides lots of clothing, lots of shoes. The only colored pair I own, which I love although I don’t wear them a lot, are my leopard print pumps. Furthermore I only posses black shoes and one pair of white shoes, my Mango wedges. I can’t get enough of black shoes. I’m madly in love with my strappy sandals from Zara. They usually are on top of a shelf above my clothing rack, behind Victoria Beckham’s style bible, but I was wearing them while shooting these pictures. I also love wearing my cowboy ankleboots from Mango (right above in my main closet). The only black shoes I still need are a pair of long black boots. I’m also eyeing on two pair from the Mango A/W ’12 lookbook, which still aren’t available on the webshop.
There also are a couple of pumps which I barely wear in my closet, but I just love their heel so much. They are silver and real eyecatchers. That’s why I put them in my closet backwards.

I love fashionmagazines and books. Besides reading them, I love looking at them and that’s why I put them on nice eyecaytching spots in my closet. Next to my silver pumps I put for example the Italian Vogue and Snoecks (not really a fashionbook) from my year of birth. On the shelf there’s Victoria Beckham’s style bible and my collection of Lauren Weisberger’s chicklits. I love her chicklits and I love their cover (SHOES!), that’s why they deserve a nice spot in my room. In the horizontal Expedit, next to my greenish clothing, is the book ‘Influence’ from the Olsen sisters. I love their style so much, so I love reading who/what inspires them.
In my main closet you’ll also find my silver stash. As you might know I wear my silver hardware a lot. In the box next to it is a big jar filled with scented candles. I love them, they work very relaxing. At the moment I’m very much into the fresh green apple ones from Ikea, where they sell lots of nice scents.
I also love collecting nice stuff for my desk, but it’s not allowed to have to much stuff displayed there. What I’m not displaying atm is put away in one of the bins. At the moment I’ve got three vases with fake flowers (Ikea) and this amazing flexibel minimalistic black lamp (Ikea as well) displayed. There also lays a modern chess board. Unfortunately I can’t play chess, but my boyfriend can, so it does get used. 
There also always are a magazine, a notebook (my little black book) and businesscards on my desk.

Lots of love,

PS: Happy August! Let’s hope there will be more sun and less rain in Holland. Oh well, I’ll be heading to France next week anyway ;)