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It just crossed my mind that I haven’t show you my complete Frenchonista collection yet.
Besides the Rowan shopper and clucth, which you’ve propably seen me wearing already, I also own a red Beertje, a green Angeline and a camel Charlotte clutch. Besided my beloved black suede beauties I really love Beertje’s clutch as well. The grip makes it very unique. The Angeline clutch is probably my most used clutch, let me explain to you why. You all know my Zara shopper right? Love the bag, but hate trying to find my stuff back in there. This is the part where Angeline’s clutch comes in. I use it as a pouch in which I put all my ‘always-with-me’ (wallet, iphone, umbrella, hairbrush, make up, sunnies, chewinggum) stuff. Thanks to the green color contrasting with the black of my bag I always manage to find it really fast and have exactly what I needed in less then a minute. Quite an idea, right?

Lots of love,