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As my instagram (and other social media channel followers) might already know, I found these graded glasses from Firmoo on my doormat. They came at the best time, since I lost my glasses and although you never see me wearing glasses on the blog (I usually wear lenses), I always wear glasses during the evening.

Anyway, to be honest I thought they would be a little smaller and I really had to get used to glasses of this format on my head, but I really started to like it. I love the geeky vibe of them. They really make a statement in contrary to my usual boring rectangle glasses.
Best of all is that the view is perfect! I can see just as good with these glasses as my glasses from the optician. Maybe even better is the fact that they are supercheap (in contrary to ones you’ll find at your optician). These only cost 21 dollars including lenses!

Can it get even cheaper? YES, it can! Firmoo offers free eyewear for first time buyers. Sounds pretty good, right? Click here for the details of this amazing deal.

So, what do you think of this model? Do you like them on me? If you want the exact same pair, click here to order yours (remember the free for first time buyer’s deal ;))

Lots of love,