Are you familiar with this webshop called ‘Sans Online’? I overheard the name every now and then, but never took the effort to check it out, untill last week and I’m glad I did!
The new A/W collection just came in, and boy, am I lovin’ it! The webshop offers enough black, white (and all 50 shades of grey inbetween) and blue pieces in my favorite fabrics (leather, denim, jersey and python) to spice up my wardrobe with. 
Take for example the amazing grey melange jersey suit (3rd outfit in the first pic), I would wear it immediately if I could! To make it a bit more edgy I might add a python belt to it. Et voila, feminine with an edge!
The first outfit might seem familiar to you, yes I wore an outfit just like that before. The skirt from Pieces is the exact same one as I own. It looks A LOT like Alexander Wang’s famous wrap skirt, but way more affordable. I think the black shamballa bracelet would look great with this outfit.
As you might understand, I can’t get that Selected Femme leather jacket (2nd outfit in the first pic) out of my head. It’s shape, it’s fabric.. Perfection. I can see myself wearing it with those olive joggers and a pair of high heels.
Sans Online also offers a great variation in (faux) leather pants, like the one from Object and from MAC. If you don’t own a pair of leather pants yet, well go get them! You could wear everything with a pair of those. Like for example a blue baseball tee with a little leatherette edge (4th outfit in the first pic) or a slouchy ‘Bad Girl’ tee (1st outfit in the second pic).
Another pair of pants you should really have in your closet are black skinny jeans (4th outfit in the second pic). Trust me on this one, you could wear anything with them and they always look classy. (not to mention the fact they make you look thinner). Besides those must have pants, Sans Online’s got some more very trendy pants in store, like the silver and python ones (2nd and 3th outfit in the second pic).
Lately I’ve been very into denim shirts. With sleeves, without sleeves or even with a white lace trim, like the one from Vila (2nd outfit in the second pic)
I’m also in a desperate need for a good transition jacket for fall and I already found some candidates. What do you think about this leather and wool mix biker jacket from ONLY or this navy fallaway jacket? (3rd and 4th outfit in the second pic)
But also for the color lovers amongst you there are plenty of gorgeous pieces to score over there.
So hurry up and get your ass over at Sans Online!
Lots of love,

Psssst.. there’s still a great sale going on at Sans Online!