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Pics by Co/Motion, Sharon and me

Last friday I visited the Co/Motion Showroom for a blogger day with Esprit and Quoins. First we got to pick a piece of a clothing rack filled with Esprit items, which ofcourse was very nice! I picked a pair of very cool aubergine colored pants, which I will show you very soon (I’m wearing them in these pics, but you can’t see it very clearly).

Next we got to create our own Coins necklace and the winner got to keep it. Although they’re very pretty (and unique!), they aren’t really my style, since my style is more (like you now) minimalistic. That’s why I was drooling over the Quoins square bracelets. To me those are perfect, I’m really thinking about getting one myself, but it’s very hard to chose a color though.

Besides all those planned activities you could also walk around the showroom, where I spotted the most amazing knitwear of Inti. That hat is so funny, but I wouldn’t wear it though. I would wear the scarves (although that’s what I think they are :P) on the shelves. I seriously dreamt about them!

And ofcourse we were good taken care of with sushi (what else does a blogger want?) and bubbles!
So thank you so much Co/Motion for inviting me to this great event, see you next time!

Lots of love,