All photos, except the 4th (Sharon), by me

Last wednesday I went to Marc O’Polo’s store opening in Amsterdam with my blogger buddie Sharon. They also celebrated their cooperation with Beckmans college of design. Together they arranged a winter collection competition for twelve of their students. The lucky (and well deserved) winner was Alina Brane. She designed the most beautiful dark green (I love that color lately) woolen long coat. I would actually wear this one! Most woolen coats are to ‘chique’ and ‘lady like’ for me, but I guess this one would look amazing with a pair of leather trousers. Agree?

This coat will be displayed in six different Marc O’Polo stores in Europe.
From 15.10 till 21.10 the coat will be displayed in the store in Amsterdam, so go check it out while you still can!

About the photos
Of course you can see the coat by Alina Brane together with some explanation and sketches (I can keep staring to those sketches for hours), but you can also see some other items I really liked: those black ankle boots, the sunnies, the shiny green with faux fur collar parka, the green turtleneck and a beanie.
I think I also made you kind of hungry with these pictures. Sorry for that ;) Those crisps actually are vegetable crisps, can you believe that? The cataring by ‘Gewoon Meer‘ was amazing!
Furthermore I took some shots of the lamps (loved them!) and some silly pics with Sharon ;)