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Well, Mango did it again: They managed to create another collection which is likely to get me broke.
I seriously want, no NEED, everything pictured above.

I already own one of them, those supergorgeous Céline-ish leather joggers. I bought them yesterday, when I was shopping in Amsterdam with Sharon, and I have NO REGRETS AT ALL! They’re so worth the price. The fit is perfect, superunique and they’re real leather. Considering it’s uniqueness and quality material, I don’t think 109 euros is a lot of money, right? Get yours before it’s sold out!

Those boots! My social media followers might already know how long I’ve been craving those boots. But when I heard I won the Sacha contest I got a pair similair to those from Sacha. Still like them very much though. I’ve seen them in real life, and again: Worth the Mango.

Okay, I admit it. I’m shoe obsessed, but I seriously don’t own a pair like those gorgeous silver fetish sandals yet. Again, super unique. I’m a true silver lover, so they would totally fit in my wardrobe. I could imagine myself wearing them with the leather joggers.. Mmm.. dream on.

I’m in a desperate search of the perfect black turtleneck, and I think I found it at Mango’s! This one seems very pretty, right?

Something I never thought I would be craving is a scottish school girl skirt. But Mango provides it in black and white, not preppy at all, but more.. edgy. I’d work this skirt with the turtleneck for a bit of contrast.

Something that’s very high on my winter wishlist as well is a pair of long leather gloves. Mango provides us with a pair of fringed long leather gloves, even better! Or if you like them plain, Mango’s here for you as well.

I’m not a dress kind of girl anymore, but for this black velvet dress (that even sounds sexy) I would totally make an exception. Can you see me wearing them with the silver heels?

Lately I love wearing hats and caps and since I love leather as well, you might understand why I really need that leather cap in my life!

Last but not least a pair of green shaded sunnies with leather effect. Whoever thinks you don’t need sunnies during winter is wrong, they really make your outfit complete.

Already know what you’re going to order?

Lots of love,