Lately I’ve been browsing the internet for a good pair of cowboy boots. I really think a good pair of cowboy boots is a musthave, it brings that little edge to your outfit and they’re flat. Flat means comfy, right?
When I was browsing through Spartoo’s boots (‘laarzen‘) section I came across the most beautiful cowboy boots existing, from Sendra boots. Oh my, I was in cowboy boots heaven. 
Three of them really caught my eye. First the all black ones, Floyd, since those would match everything in my wardrobe. But then I saw these very unique gold/yellow snakeskin with black decoration boots, Johnny, amazing right? Another pretty pair are the all blacks with a hint of white snakeskin, named Cliff
But when you can’t afford a pair of Sendra’s, these Haye boots from Blackstone might be an option, they’re on sale!
All of the above boots are available at Spartoo Schoenen!