I’ve been to many pressdays lately, but this was one I was really excited for. The big reason why is that Oona represents River Island, what I totally love. And River Island didn’t disappoint me at all, again I’m in love. I mean; studs, knits, leather, boyfriend jeans. What does a girl want more right? 
But my second favorite that day was no one less than One Trend, better known as Bristol. Yes, that cheap store that used to sell even cheaper clothing. Well, it’s not that kinda store anymore. The pictures of the cool tie dyed jeans (I so need that red/pink one, very Isabel Marant) and the studded blazer are from Bristol, can you believe that?! I’ll make sure to check it out as soon as it hits stores.
Another brand I really loved was Wolf by Sofie Claes, and I don’t think that needs any explanation, because that just is pure perfection.
The brand with probably the most luxureus feel was Essentiel, a brand from Antwerp. Don’t you just love that white sequined top and the fabric of that white and green shirt?
Loved the prints (dots and leopard) of these pants by S. Oliver.
Another brand that really surprised me was eastpack. Not that nerdy schoolbag anymore! I could totally imagine my boyfriend walking around on pair of burgundy eastpack kicks!
And since I’m still looking for a pair of city chic ‘running shoes’, these flashy ones from The North Face immediately caught my attention.
What are you looking at?
1, 7, 8, 9, 10: River Island
2, 4, 5, 6: One Trend (Bristol)
3: Wolf by Sofie Claes
11: Marshall
12, 13, 14: Essentiel
15, 16: S. Oliver
17, 18: Eastpack
19: The North Face
20, 21: Foodporn at Oona HQ
22: Goodiebags, we love!
Lots of love,