I already told you I had so much more photos from the pressdays to show you. Today I’m showing you the photos of CO/MOTION PR and PRBB aaand Esprit’s early morning yoga session, which I attended last saturday. Believe me, yoga is so much harder than it seems!
Back to the pressdays, my all time favorite collection was Jan Boelo’s. Oh man, I was in leather paradise! I would kill to own one of his pieces. 
What are you looking at?
1.  Me (as tired as I look) holding one of Jan Boelo’s most amazing pieces; a pair of leather pants with metal detailing. How freaking cool?!
2. Wearing a Jan Boelo militairy cap. What do you think, should I get a cap like that? I know Mango has one.
3. ‘Clearing my mind’ at the Early Morning Yoga session. Sharon (blue vest) and me (white sweater) are sitting front row ;)
4. Jan Boelo details.
5. Don’t you just love this necklace / neck piece? Kinda heavy though. 
6. The skirt version of those pants, very high on my wishlist as well!
7. Jan Boelo details.
8. I so need a leather trench, this one from Jan Boelo is perfect!
9. Jan Boelo details.
10. Love this Jan Boelo vest.
11. Leather dress with power shoulders, again Jan Boelo’s.
12. This sweater is so freaking awesome, but soooo freaking heavy at the same time.
13. Loved this clutch, don’t know the brand though.
14. I don’t know if this is a men’s blazer or a women’s but I love it anyway. (GANT)
15. Love these slightly baggy denim shorts from Rutme.
16. These pants from DL1961 reminded me a lot of the ones I got from Esprit at Co/Motion’s latest blogger event. And it makes me wonder why I haven’t put up an outfitpost with them yet, since I really love them. 
17. Silver goodies from Esprit.
18. How cool are these bags made out of cork?!
19. Strawberries and chocolate, yummmm.
20. Still clearing the minds at the Early Morning Yoga event
21. Burning calories!
Lots of love,