So pressday season has started again and it’s a madness, but a very fun madness. I planned to put all of the PR agencies in one post, but I took so much wonderful pictures that this is not possible. So I’m starting with Ganbaroo PR, who represents very cool brands like Bas Kosters, Elise Kim, Studio Ruig, Dennis Diem and Hunkydory. Just so you know, all pieces are from the SS13 collection, so you’ll have to wait a little while untill you’ll see them in stores ;)

What are you looking at?
1. I know, shocking right?! Thought it would be fun to start this post with this very extravagant piece from Bas Kosters. He literally took scenes from porn vids and put them on his clothing. I appreciate his leverage, but I won’t ever be wearing this. Nope, to much form me.
2. Something I really dig though is Elise Kim. Aren’t these shoes awesome?
3. One of my favorites; Studio Ruig. I love their perfect basics.
4. Bas Kosters details.
5. Very heavy Bas Kosters dress.
6. Jacket from Bas Kosters’ ‘Love fuck yeah’ collection.
7. Love these Elise Kim clutches.
8. Love these pink metallic skinnies!
9. I really need this leather biker vest from Elsien Gringhuis in my closet.
10. Don’t you just love the shape of this skirt?
11. I want a quilted jacket so very bad, this one from Samsoe & Samsoe would be perfect.
12. I would so walk around in these army shorts from Bellerose next Summer!
13. Another collection I loved was MbyM. Love their use of army green colors.
14. Perfect summer parka from MbyM.
15. I’ve got a weakness for fashionable sweat pants. These from MbyM are very me.
16. Gorgeous, right?
17. LEATHER! I love leather, as you know. So I fell in love with these pants and jacket from Hunkydory.
18. Lovely decoration at the PR agency.
19. We were spoiled with food.
20. The most beautiful textures and garments I’ve ever seen, by Dennis Diem.
21. Me holding a perfect white shirt by Studio Ruig.
22. Drinks.
23. Very yummy bubblegum magnums made by Conservatorium Hotel.

24. I got these Vans socks from Ganbaroo PR and when I pulled them on at home I felt like a kid! I thought they were just socks. WRONG. They’re hockey socks, how freaking cool?! These socks are perfect for me, since I’m part of a fanatic Canadian hockey family. I even met my boyfriend during a hockey tournament. Anyway, I just had to take a picture of them, with a hockey stick of course.
Thank you Ganbaroo PR and Vans, for the most awesome socks ever!

Lots of love,