Okay, I know it’s not snowing yet. But I know out of experience that you’ve gotta be early when it comes to snowboots, because otherwise they will be sold out all over the country. I get it, because it’s always doubtful whether we’ll get a real winter including snow or not in Holland, so retailers don’t have that much in stock.
Anyway, I thought it was time for a pair of fashionable snowboots. And what kind of snowboots are cooler than a pair of Original Moon Boots? My mom and dad actually got them from, what will it be.. the 80’s or 90’s? I’ve been walking around on my mom’s the whole winter last year, because they really kept my feet warm and I thought they were kinda cool, except for the color. My mom’s are purple. An ugly ass kinda purple. My dad has a pair of matte black’s, but those are size 46, so not meant for my feet.

When I was browsing Spartoo I really knew I wanted a pair of black snowboots. What I didn’t know yet was that they were available in shiny vinyl as well. I immediately knew I had to have them and clicked them home.

So winter, I’m ready for you! Let’s make it a winter full of snow fun and pond hockey!
You can find these Moon Boots (and many other colors) at Spartoo Schoenen.
Lots of love,

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