Leather smoking jacket: Mango (HERE), Pants: Mango, Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Wallet: Mango (HERE), Leather bracelet: Studio Ruig, Shamballa bracelet: Cutey, Earrings: River Island

Photos: Harry Dijkstra

Yesterday I received this incredibly cool leather smoking jacket from Mango and I immediately went out to take pictures. I’m so in love with Mango’s collection lately, especially their leather pieces. Take these will-never-get-boring baggy leather pants or the leather gloves. Speaking of those gloves, the ones who followed me on twitter might already know I lost them and am afraid they got stolen. I was devestated, but then Mango contacted me and said they’ll send me a new pair. Talking about great service! It wasn’t even their fault! So I wanna take this opportunity for a special thanks to Mango! Thumbs up for amazing clothing and great service!
Lots of love,