Sweater: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, Skirt: Pieces, Shoes: Mango, Belt: Via Etsy, Earrings: River Island

Can you even imagine my happiness when I managed to click this perfectly oversized cashmere Margiela for H&M sweater home for only 45 euros? I don’t even know how long I’ve been walking around with this baby, in blue that is, at the launch in Antwerp, but eventually decided to put it back because of the price. When I arrived home I immediately felt sorrow for not brining it back with me, since I was sure it wasn’t going to hit the sales racks, because of it’s popularity. But now, I can only be glad I did so, since it DID hit the sales racks. Yay! So when I found this white one I didn’t even think about it and just ordered it. But a couple of days later I found the blue version as well, the one I actually wanted, and clicked it home as well. So that one will be arriving soon as well!
I’m such a happy girl right now!
Lots of love,