– Velvet Dress HERE
 Black Basic Tee HERE
 The Perfect Black Boyfriend Blazer HERE
 Velvet Blue Suit Blazer HERE
 Blue Pinstripe Suit Blazer HERE
 The Perfect Grey Turtleneck HERE

– Sequin Shorts HERE
– Fringed Long Leather Gloves HERE
– Ripped Jeans HERE
– The Perfect Blue Skinny Jeans HERE
– Velvet Blue Suit Pants HERE
– Blue Pinstripe Pants HERE
– Studded Skinny Jeans HERE


It’s not a big secret that I’m a big Mango fan. It probably also isn’t a big secret that I love sale. So when those two combine, we’ve got Mango+Sale= CRAZY SHOPPING!
I thought it would be nice to share my favorites (or at least some of them, since I’ve got many more!) with you, my beloved readers. Some of these articles I already own, but I just had to share them with you, since I really love them. And now they are on sale, I really think you should get them as well. I’m talking about the velvet dress (only 19 euros now!) and the ripped jeans. You won’t regret them.
Something I think I really need are more jeans, that includes the perfect dark blue jeans. Found it! I’m gonna order these Elektra jeans. They look amazing and I know from experience that they fit amazing as well. I got really excited over that studded jeans as well.
I recently am very much into suits as well. I just ordered a pinstripe suit from H&M, but if I didn’t already do that, I would have ordered this one from Mango! I also really want the velvet suit, I guess I’m kinda into velvet as well lately.
Something I’m still searching for is the perfect black boyfriend, which means extra long, blazer. Wow, found that one as well! I’ll click that one home as well!
Those sequin shorts must look very good with leather or just a slouchy sweater, gonna be mine as well! And do you already have a turtleneck sweater? NO?! Well, shame on you! As a big turtleneck fan I think every girl should have one (or better 10!)
Last but not least are those supercool long fringed gloves! Big want!

So are you going to order something? Or something not on this list?
I would love to know!

Lots of love,