Last week I ordered this photo canvas at Pixum. I was already thinking about doing something decorative with this photo from me and my boyfriend, which my friend/photographer Kimberley Bleeker shot for a schoolproject of her’s. As you might imagine I thought it was a waste to not do anything nice with this extremely cool photo of the two of us. It’s just not like the average ‘lovebirds’ photo, I would totally hang this one in my room. So when Pixum offered me to order a canvas photo at their website I didn’t hesitate and clicked this photo on canvas home. It took me only five minutes to order. All you have to do is pick your size, I choose 40×60, upload your photo and fill in you address. DONE! What is a nice feature, to me, is that Pixum gives you advice on the quality of your photo. They want to prevent that you end up with a grained photo, which I think is really thoughtful of them. A whole star means your photo is great for this product, a half one means ‘not sure’ and well.. no star of course means ‘I shouldn’t pick this one if I were you’. Mine was a whole star and I think you can clearly see why. The quality is just perfect, even from up close you won’t spot any pixels.

Thank you Pixum for this great photo canvas, you made my day!

Lots of love,