Pants: Nelly trend ( on sale HERE), Sweater: Issue 1.3 (on sale Grey HERE, White HERE), Gloves: Mango (similar on sale HERE), Thigh high boots: Anna dello Russo x H&M (similar HERE), Above knuckle ring: ComeGetFashion

So finally here they are: my precious Isabel Marant look-a-like jeans from Nelly trend. Yep, the ones I told you about before. Well, they didn’t dissapoint me, not at all! In fact they’re even better than I expected them to be. You can’t see the whole thing in these pictures, since I’m wearing my beloved (and warm!) thigh high boots, but believe me: This jeans is PERFECT!
Something else I’m really superduper happy with is this black turtleneck sweater from Issue 1.3. It’s a bit longer, so it covers up ‘your behind’, a rule all my shirts have to meet. It kind of reminds me of the famous hope grand sweater, which is way too expensive. Well, I’ll tell you what: This one’s one sale for only 39,95 euros! Black is sold out, but the grey and white versions look pretty damn good as well!

Well, I’ve got to run now: I’ve got to catch my train to Amsterdam, ’cause.. IT’S FASHIONWEEK!

Lots of love,