Pants: Pimkie (similar HERE), Aviator jacket: Authentic Clothing Company (similar HERE), Top: H&M trend (similar HERE), Pumps: Manfield (similar HERE)

Shame on me for the fact that I haven’t been wearing this coat all freaking winter yet, until now. It’s leather, it’s warm, it’s got the perfect shape.. It’s pure perfection. The only problem is.. It’s brown. I hear you saying ‘brown, is that a problem?!’ Well, to me it is. I actually wear black all the time, or shades of white and grey. You can pair black with all colors though, like my favorites; red and blue. The only thing you usually, in my opinion, can’t combine it with is brown. It’s just a no-go. But for this one little time I made an exception. And that’s because of the leopard print, which already contains black and brown.
For this one time I think black and brown is a perfect match!

Lots of love,

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