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Remember this webshop called Sans-Online, where I told you about before?
Well, I thought it was time for a little update, since they just got a lot of new items in, which I really love! They’re following the latest trends, for instance camo, tie dye, studs, metallic, animal printed sweaters (‘dames-truien’), boyfriend jeans and funny/cool text tees and sweaters. And of course a trend that, in my opinion, will never die: leather jackets.

To show you what I’m talking about I made a collage featuring some products from Sans-Online I really love. My biggest love (which is probably going to find it’s way to my closet somehow) is this grey slouchy sweater with designer names on it. So cool right?!
If you don’t have a boyfriend jeans, a camo printed skinny and a tie dye skinny yet, I suggest you’ll get your ass over at Sans-Online’s, ‘cause you really will be needing a pair of those this Spring/Summer.
Something else that really caught my attention is the skirt. How awesome is that metallic fabric?! I also still need an animal printed sweater, very on trend, so I might just click this one home.
Oh, and as you might have noticed, I always wear a belt. I think this small one and the studded one would be great additions to my closet.

So are you ready to fill your wardrobe with the latest trends when it comes to clothing (‘kleding’), than you should really pay a visit to Sans-Online!

Lots of love,