Ripped jeans: Mango (HERE!)
Striped shirt: Nowhere (HERE!)
Coat: Zara
Boots: Sacha (very similar on sale HERE)
Beanie: Asos (HERE!)
Clucth: Frenchonista
Scarf: Shop Affaire
Bracelet: Studio Ruig
Above knuckle ring: ComeGetFashion
Belt: Ebay (similar HERE!)ย 

I’ve already had this shirt for quite a while and although I really love it, I never wore it before. I think I’ve just got to many clothes, haha. About that shirt, I first typed ‘get this shirt in sale in here’, but when I looked up the link for you guys I saw it’s full priced again! Such a pitty! So keep your eyes open, it just might end up in the sales cornor again ;)

A better deal are these jeans! They’re perfectly ripped, skinny and black. Just what I was looking for. Such a musthave jeans for only 29,99 euros isn’t that much if you ask me! If you want it, be quick, because I already noticed many people ordered it, so it might just get sold out.

Lots of love,