Photos: Kimberley Bleeker

Last friday a dream came true for me: I visited the Head Quarters of one of Holland’s biggest clothing stores, The Sting!
Together with my friend slash photographer Kimberley I took the train and two busses to Lijnden, where the head office is located. When we entered the building we immediately were welcomed by two very kind ladies. Instead of going to a small room, we went to a room consisting of glass walls within one very big room. It gives you a spacious, yet very cosy, feeling at the same time. There was a cosy sitting area with a table filled with drinks and snacks in the middle.
In the cornor there was a clothing rack with clothes especially choosen for, yep, me! Time to dive into the change rooms (those supercool round red curtains you can see behind the balloons). I tried on several items and I don’t know how they did it, but everything was the perfect size! Besides being the perfect fit, it was just my style!
I especially fell in love with the grey tie dye jeans, the bomber and the denim biker vest (which I’m wearing in the photos). Some other items I absolutely loved were some blue/white striped jeans (perfect for summer), bleached denim shorts with Aztec print, a bleached sleeveless denim shirt, an Aztec printed shirt and last but absolutely not least an Aztec beaded belt. Watch out for those last items, because they will hit stores very soon.

I left the building with a big fat smile on my face, because I had such a great time ánd didn’t leave empty handed ;) I will soon show you some outfits with the gorgeous items I took home with me!

Lots of love,

Ps: Did you already know The Sting launched a webshop? You should really check out the Trends & Styles section as well!
Pps: It was raining as hell that day, so that’s why my hair looks so weird ;)