It seems like since I cut my hair off , I’m kind of addicted to changing it. Time to try something new: Feather extensions.
I first thought feather extensions would only look good with long hair, but hey, I could at least try. It wasn’t permanent or something. I’m so very glad I tried, since I really love the result. Because of the color and the natural way they are placed in my hair, it isn’t ‘too much’.

I got these feather extensions from Rebels At Heart. Since I’m not an expert on this area, I asked shop-owner Laura for help. She made some sets for me and this is the result:  a mix of natural and a tiny bit of color, red. I’m not much of a color fan, but I make an exception for red; it’s one of the little color I dó like. I really love what she created for me.

With a little help of  the tutorial on the website and my very handy sister, I managed to get them in (very easily) without any professional help. If you really don’t dare to do it yourself (believe me, you can do this), you can also make an appointment with Laura and for only 5 euros per extensions she will help you out.

So what do you think? Yay or nay?

Lots of love,