Shirt: Vintage
Dress worn as skirt: Supertrash for DE
Thigh high boots: Anna dello Russo for H&M (similar HERE)
Belt: via ebay

Bag: Shop Affaire
Necklace: Ydeltuyt

Is she wearing a skirt?! Yes, or no; technically it’s a dress. I just love to transform clothes in something else without cutting. It can save you a lot of money. I was looking for a nice pencil skirt for quite some while now, when I realized I could just ‘make’ one out of this dress, which I once got for free!
So, yes. I’m wearing a skirt and I don’t feel ‘weird’ about it. I’m not a fan of very ladylike clothing, but combined with lots of leather and oversized items I can handle a skirt. Right?

Lots of love,