All pictures via Pinterest (pinned from They All Hate Us, The Native Fox, Locks & Trinkets)

There used to be a time where I saved all of my ‘fashion inspiration’ in a map on my computer, but I completely stopped doing that since I got a Pinterest account. It’s so much easier to save a look, plus you can repin them from others and share your inspiration with the world. One of the greatest inventions ever if you ask me.

Anyway, these ladies really inspired me. I just recently discovered Locks & Trinkets and her style is really amazing. This look is def one of my faves. Mostly because she wears two items that are on my wantlist (the Zara leopard sandals and skort) and combines them so well! Next to her I really love The Native Fox. She is wearing a pink skirt, which totally isn’t my style, bút she combines it so rock and well that  she actually made me like pink!

Oh well, I just want it to be summer so I can walk around bare legged like these ladies do!

Lots of love,