Birthday wishlist craving starbucks vest COOEE longboard Nike Air Max leather body harness vlieger vandam

Starbucks tee: Ebay (HERE)
Sneakers: Nike Air Max (via Sarenza)
Body harness: Asher Levine X Zana Bayne (HERE)
Bracelet: COOEE (HERE)
Racerfront dress: Nelly (HERE)
Clutch: Vlieger & Vandam (HERE)

Wow, it’s almost my birthday, which means I’m almost 20 and finally won’t be a teenager anymore, LOL. May 7th is D-day, which will be very soon from now. So I thought it;s okay to start making a wishlist. Some of them are ‘dream-on’ items, but some actually are very reasonable as well. And some even are free: SUN! But unforceable :(

I’m not going to highlight every product (I mean, you must understand my cravings right?), but I think the all white Nike Air Max beauties deserve some explanation. I seriously never thought I would ever be craving Nike Air Max sneakers, since they kinda had a negative label for years. However they came out of that dark place and now even are mentioned in Vogue! HELL YEAH! They would look so cool underneath some slouchy pants, right? I just got the marine/white version in (stay tuned for pics!), but I wouldn’t mind the all white version as well ;)

So yeah, that’s what I would like for my birthday. I know I won’t get everything, and that’s okay. But could I at least get some sun?!

Lots of love,

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