Lola brood rock n roll junkie launch

Photos: Kimberley Bleeker

As I told you yesterday I went to the presentation/show of  The Sting’s Rock ‘N Roll Junkie collection designed by Lola Brood in Paradiso. Yep, the daughter of the late famous musician Herman Brood. I absolutely love what she designed for this collaboration, but I appreciate it even more after hearing the story. The show started with a video where Lola explained her inspiration sources, such as the paint splatters. Her father was next to a musician a great painter, so his clothes were always covered with paint splatters. That’s how she remembers her father. But the most distinctive reminders of her father obviously are the pictures and songtexts of her father.
Lola said she wanted to do this collaboration with a big store chain like The Sting to pass along her father’s music and lifestyle to the next generation. And I’ve got to admit; I wasn’t really well-known with Herman Brood before (except for Saturday Night Fever of course), but I really felt like I got to know him. I think it was very brave and beautiful what Lola did in honor of her father, thumbs up!

About the collection; There were a couple of items that really caught my eye. I made a top 3 of my favorite items (last photo) First of all these pants with the studded leather inserts on the knees, so me! Second of all the baggy jeans with the paint splatters. And last but not least the leather waistcoat, I love the buttons on the front!

The collection is available in 33 stores and online now. What are your favorites and are you a fan of Herman Brood? Just curious!

Lots of love,

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