So you might already have noticed that almost every piece of jewellery I own is from Come Get Fashion, an edgy webshop owned by fellow blogger Mirte. I already was very excited when she first dropped the news that she was going to open a webshop, since our styles are so alike. Finally a webshop where I don’t have to search for the ‘rock’ and ‘edgy’ items, but which mostly consists of items of that description.
Well, I’m hooked. I just got a couple of new items in, such as this awesome white beanie. I didn’t see a white beanie all over the internet yet, so it still is pretty unique ;) They by the way come in every color of the rainbow.
Of course I instantly fell in love with the black cross bracelet and ring, no explanation needed right? The color of the wings bracelet isn’t one I would usually go for, but I thought they would be so cool with my pink/yellow Nike flyknits. So expect an outfit wearing those soon!

Long story short: You wouldn’t regret paying a visit to Come Get Fashion! (And what excuse do you have? It’s WEEKEND! YAY!)

Lots of love,

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