F/W 13 essentiel ponyhair red leopard mini bag

F/W 13 pink leopard ponyhair slip-on vans essentiel sneakers

F/W 13 marl grey jersey dress leather shoulder inserts essentiel

River Island design forum 3D print geometric

F/W 13 River Island aubergine bomber baseball jacket leather arms

F/W 13 bristol faux fur coat

F/W 13 Bristol knock off Dr Marten lace up army worker boots

F/W 13 Bristol faux suede silver straps boots

F/W 13 Bristol Alexander McQueen knock off knuckle clutch

F/W 13 a.Knackfuss black mesh designer sweater

F/W 13 Lafilledo simple see through real women lingerie

F/W 13 Kiehl's cosmetics skincare BB cream oil

F/W 13 s.Oliver bomber jacket black and white

F/W 13 Urban Ears rainbow colors headphones

F/W 13 white leather marshall music headphones

F/W 13 Eastpak school bags army print bag

F/W 13 McGregor Oversized big green leather preppy bag

F/W 13 Komma burgundy oxblood red leather skirt

It’s that time of the year again: Pressdays! Or in Oona’s case, weclome days. At the pressdays PR agencies show the upcoming (in this case Fall/Winter) collections of the brands they represent. It actually is pretty cool to see what will be in stores half a year later. So when everybody’s shopping summer, we are drooling over the winter collections. Strange, but funny as well ;)

1-3: Anyway, Oona represents lots of brands starting with Essentiel, a brand from Belgium. Essentiel isn’t very cheap, but it’s also not extremely expensive, given the fact that they deliver only quality garments. I’m in love with their red ponyhair leopard bag, isn’t it gorgeous? I’d so want to walk around with that beauty! Something else really cool are the ponyhair slippers. They are pink though, which is cool, but not very me. Would totally wear them in black! And of course I loved the grey dress with the leather shoulder pacthes. Yep, Essentiel is doing a great job!

4-5: River Island! The one I’m always looking out for when visiting Oona! Unfortunately they couldn’t show us a lot of the F/W collection, since River Island is always very on trend and waits a little longer before they start producing, which is of course a good thing. What they díd show looked really great though, for instance this baseball jacket. Love at first sight! Oona also showed their Design Forum collection, which is in stores now. I love the 3D prints and fabrics.

6- 9: The suprise of the day: Bristol. They actually have some very good stuff! Take this faux fur coat for instance, the Dr Marten inspired boots, the buckle boots or the Alexander McQueen look-a-like clutch.

10: a.Knackfuss. Never heard of it before but loved it immediately. Isn’t this black mesh sweater pure perfection?!

11: Lingerie from Lafilledo, I love the simplicity! And what I love even more are the campaign pictures. They used ‘real’ women with curves to represent their collection. Big like!

12: Beauty products from Kiehl’s, always a pleasure to see, but even more to smell!

13: I loved this bomber from S.Oliver. Their F/W collection features a lot of ‘young’ and edgy garments.

14: Happy urban ears headphones in every color of the rainbow.

15: Or are you more of a Marshall girl?

16. Eastpak has a lot of new designs, I love this camo one!

17. Love this oversized leather bag from McGregror. Still need to find myself a biggie like this one!

18. Last but certainly not least: Comma; a fine brand with lots of leather. What’s not to like about that? (Sorry for the blury pictures, I didn’t notice)

So what do you think? Love to hear your opinion!

Lots of love,

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