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Last week I was invited to a Puravita presentation. As you know I’m not a beautyblogger and I don’t know a lot about beauty. That’s exactly why I decided to go. I was in a desperate need to learn more about beauty and skincare products.

And I did learn new stuff, A LOT! I mostly learned how much ‘bad’ stuff I regularly use. Highly perfumed, which actually causes skin irritations. Puravita is 100% natural and organic, which means they only use natural ingredients and no perfume. Don’t start to think it smells ‘medical’ though. It actually smells really good and healthy. Not perfume like, but more like the natural scent of certain berries and leafs. Very natural.

According to the Eco Beauty Enquete 2013 Dutch women want to use natural products, but they rarely do, although they thínk they do. The trick is to watch the quality labels. A 100% natural product will have one. Puravita for example has the ‘BDIH” label, which proves they are 100% natural and organic. Another conclusion from this questionnary is the fact that Dutch women don’t want to spend too much money on organic products (what usually costst a lot). Puravita to the rescue! Puravita is very reasonably priced.

BUT, what do I think?!
I love it and I will tell you why. First of all that hand cream is a lifesaver! I always have such dry hands, especially during the cold winters, so I’m always on the hunt for good hand creams. Most of them only work temporary, but I used Puravita’s a couple of days ago and haven’t used it ever since. Well, that’s what I call a good hand cream!

I also have a very dry skin, especially on my face. Hooray for Puravitas Hydro Flower face cream! Smells good, works good! Same for the Bodymilks. I use it after I shaved my legs underneath the shower, when my legs are extremely dry and really crave some care.

Another lifesaver is the anti-transpirant deoderant. I absolutely HATE sweat stains in my shirts, so I’m always looking out for good deoderants and I’m willing to pay a lot for it. Well, no need for that anymore. Puravita’s anti-transpirant deo is truly amazing and not expensive at all.

Do you use organic products and have you ever heard of Puravita?

Lots of love,

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