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Photos: CoolCat and me

Last friday me and my sister, Kayleigh (I was allowed to take some one with me), visited the CoolCat store in Amsterdam for their Californian Style Blog Event. It was such a cool experience, since we got our hair and make up done by experts for a photoshoot afterwards (Love the results!). I seriously wish I could do my make up that good myself, the lady who did mine was very talented (as you can tell from the many make up pics). For the photoshoot we were allowed to wear anything we liked from the store and we were allowed to pick a bottom, a top and a piece of jewellery to bring home. That’s how you can make a girl extremely happy! Especially since my sis and I have the same size, so we can share! Double score! I picked these amazing bleached shorts (it was love at first sight), a matching denim gilet and a claw ring. Let’s hope the sun will stay around a little longer, so I can rock my shorts!

About the collection itself: CoolCat has always been known as a store from girls and boys aged under sixteen, but this is such a big misunderstanding! They always have a lot of clothes suitable for people like me (20 years by tomorrow, wink!), like for example those awesome shorts. I seriously love all of their shorts. They’re perfectly ripped festival shorts with the perfect fit. Just the way I like them. CoolCat is Cool, Sexy, Loud and Fun and that’s exactly what represents their clothing. Their slogan is ‘You’ve got it, now show it!’, something you can achieve by wearing CoolCat. Their pieces kinda remind me of Rihanna; daring, sexy and very beautiful. Their collections are inspired by music scene, so I think it’s not that strange that it reminds me of R&B queen Rihanna ;)

So what do you think of CoolCat? And has this article changed your mind?

Lots of love,

Ps: CoolCat also made a fun video of the whole experience. Click here to watch it. You can see me taking pictures at 0:19 and getting my make up done at 0:27!

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