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Dungarees: Anti Blue
Tank Top: Anti Blue
Boots: Costes
Bikini: Miss America
Sunglasses: The Sting Beachwear
Earrings: The Sting Jewellery
Flip Flops: Miss America

Everything from THE STING

Festival season already kicked of with Coachella, but we Dutchies have to wait a little longer though. Not only for the first big festivals to take place, but also for the weather to get festival proof. Let’s look at the brigh side: We’ve got enough time to fully prepare ourselves for the festival season. If I would go to a festival (including good weather conditions) I would definitely wear a pair of dungarees. Denim is hot, playsuits are hot, so dungarees are sizzling! Besides the fact that they look really cool, they’re also very practical (very important for festival outfits). Just wear a loose easy-breezy striped tank underneath, but add a pair of fringed ankle wedge (walking on heels, but feeling comfy at the same time) boots for that boho festival touch. Now the only festival style still missing in this outfit is the hippie one, no worries; just add a pair of peace earrings et voilร !
BUT we are not done yet! No no no.. What if it gets insanely hot? Those boots will probably be to warm, so be sure to bring a pair of flip-flops along with you. These are also part of your ’emergency kit’, in case your feet hurt from walking on heels (wedges, but still they can hurt) all day long. Also make sure to wear a bikini (with matching stripes like the tank top) underneath, so you can ditch your tank top if possible. There might also be a possibility to take a swim, so ladies: Do bring your bikini!
Oh and I’d almost forget the most important part: SUNGLASSES! Yes, you wouldn’t go to a festival without your sunnies, right?!

What do you think of my choice and what would be your ultimate festival outfit? I’d love to hear it!

Lots of love,

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